About the concert

A culinary Experience in Baroque Flavor

The Israel Chamber Orchestra

Vienna-Tel Aviv Vocal Connection

Conductor and Cembalo: Izhar Kershon

Stage Director: Rosemarie Danziger

Choreography: Yitzhak Ben Meir

Culinary Design: Yaniv d’Or


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: La serva padrona

Uberto’s Maid Serpina runs his household with poise, taking control over his life.  She orders the cooks to prepare a lavish meal for her and Uberto’s wedding. While the cooks are at work preparing the meal, Serpina spins her charms around Uberto and together with her colleague Vespone she connives to ensnare Uberto into marrying her. As soon as the meal is ready, Uberto and Serpina are already a loving couple.

A real Italian meal will be prepared in a kitchen built on stage.

Serpina: Efrat Raz, Soprano

Uberto: Samuel Berlad, Baritone

Vespone: Yitzhak Ben Meir, Actor/Dancer

Waiter: Shaked Evron

Chef: Eli Koretsky, Dancer

Sous Chef: Eran Shimshi, Dancer

Culinary design: Yaniv d’Or


Johann Sebastian Bach: Coffee Cantata

Schlendian, a respectable citizen, bursts into a coffee house in search of his daughter Lizzie. To his dismay, Lizzie escapes from the house every day to enjoy the new drink called coffee which is now in vogue. For Schlendrian it is an ill-mannered and scandalous behavior for a young lady to go unaccompanied to a coffee house; let alone, to drink this stimulating, emboldening, addictive stuff.  Schlendrian catches his daughter exactly at the moment the waiter is about to pour her a cup of coffee. Enraged, Schlendrian flies into temper and makes a big scene in front of the coffee house guests. He warns his daughter that with such frivolous behavior no one will marry her. Schlendrian is oblivious to the fact that Lizzie’s future husband sits right there at the adjacent table, sipping his coffee.


Lizzie: Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv, Soprano

Schlendrian: Samuel Berlad, Baritone

Lover: Shaked Evron, Tenor

Waiter: Yitzhak Ben Meir, Actor/Dancer

Dancers: Eran Shimshi and Eli Koretsky

Guests of the coffee house

Pastry by Yaniv d’Or


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