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The transformed Israel Chamber Orchestra has carved new central values on its flag. These are musical quality, promoting Israeli works, and deepening the connection between culture and community through exceptional projects:


Accessible culture for disabled people – The orchestra is developing unique projects to give answer to a recognized need of making culture accessible


"Touchable Sounds – In its primary stage this project is designed for children with hearing disabilities and deaf children, while in later stages it will be suited for other disabilities such as autism. The participating audience will sit on the stage amongst the musicians and will learn the foundation of music through the science of Cymatics and the life story of Beethoven in a concert where they will feel sounds. The orchestra invests a lot of its resources and collaborates with the proper organizations of the field.


A collaboration with Nalaga'at center ("please touch") in creating a concert in the dark which premiered in the Jaffa festival in November 2017 as a pilot, and now will be expanded to the broad audiences around Israel. This concert will allow both the musicians and the audience to experience live music without the visual dimension while identifying with the blind

Community contribution

The orchestra regularly donates tickets to volunteers, holocaust survivors, and the underprivileged.

Nonprofit concerts such as collaboration with the World Doctors Orchestra to raise funds for sick children through 3 gala concerts in Israel (Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel-Aviv). The Israel Chamber Orchestra will produce and participate in these concerts, its section leaders will guide the doctors-musicians, and it will contribute all its resources to the success of this projects


Accomplishments and results as expressions of standing by our values


Expanding outside the center – The orchestra brings quality culture outside the center of Israel and into the far peripheries in dozens of concerts each year. It answers all ages and locations though concerts of a large range of musical styles in various geographical areas

Quality – the orchestra constantly strives to heighten the level of performances and musical level. The results of which are expressed in the growing number of subscribers each year (25% growth each year), players, soloists, and other musical bodies in Israel and abroad ask to collaborate with the orchestra based on its high musical quality. Critic reviews, recommendations of ministry of culture, and renewed live broadcasts of concerts after 20 years, with repeated invitations to prestigious music festivals are also indication of the high musical quality our orchestra has set

Shaping the future generation of audiences

Bringing classical music to younger audiences – exiting the regular music halls and performing in amphitheaters around Israel and in the heart of the Tel-Aviv hub such as the TEDER weekend concerts the orchestra has initiated with the Tel-Aviv city hall.

"The orchestra visit – Starting this school year, for the first time in center Israel there will be a series of electoral concert courses offered as electives including lectures and concerts, in collaboration with the Academy of the Tel Aviv University

Promotion of Israeli works – Setting the stage for the established Israeli composers and the new generation composers in performing many contemporary works each year (in 2016 alone the orchestra has performed 13 Israeli works, out of which 3 as world premier





The ICO relies on generous friends and donors as it continues to pursue artistic excellency, provide accessible and educational community programs and deepening the connection between public and community in Israel and all around the world

Your support will include a certain number of benefits such as

Free tickets and programs

Advance information and preferred seating

Recognition of your donation in the ICO’s concert programs

Invitations to meet our musicians and Ariel Zuckerman, conductor and musical director of the ICO


Touchable Sounds : Amount of your choice

The projet Touchable sounds aims to give access to music to hearing impaired as well as autistic children in Israel. The project, which saw the light in 2017, is a cognitiv experience using the science of Cymatics in order to engage with the public. For more information please click here.

Sponsor a student : 300 NIS

Your donation will enable five students to assist to one of our concert

Subsiding tickets for the associations the ICO supports : 500 NIS

Your donation will permit the access of volunteers and members of these following associations :

Eran Foundation – For mental health at phone and internet 

WIZO – Women International Zionist Organization for welfare and status of women

Access Israel –  to promote accessibility and inclusion to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and the elderly.

Tel Aviv Municipally – for citizens from lower socio-economical state

Shema - dedicated to the advancement of children with hearing loss and to their integration into society

Benefactor : 1500 NIS

5 season tickets and your name listed on each of our ICO programs

Individual donation

If none of the project above fit the aeras you wish to support , please contact us and we will tailor an individual donation package for you.





Official partner : your brand will be associated to all our projects over the whole season and will appear on all our communication supports. The corporation benefits from one private concert for their clients and employees

Starting 100 000 ILS 

Programm partner : To support the ICO in its future projects, such as recordings, international tours , purchase of new music instruments for the Orchestra and the possibility to invite foreign artists to join the ICO on stage

Free tickets throughout the season

One page of advertisement in our annual programm as well as on all our communication supports.

8 Season ticket subscriptions


Starting 50 000 ILS

Project partner : To support the ICO educational programs and programs for our handicaped audience

Touchable Sounds

Please Touch / Concert in the dark

Starting 25 000 ILS

One page of advertisement in our annual programm as well as on all our communication supports.

6 Season tickets subscriptions


Junior partner : To support the ICO in its day to day accomplishments such as travel fees, insurance and the rent of our repetition hall

Starting 10 000 ILS

One page of advertisement in our annual programm as well as on all our communication supports.

3 Season ticket subscriptions




Enhance brand image and awareness. Build business relationships and reward employees. Strengthen a reputation for corporate citizenship. Communicate key messages to a passionate audience. Leverage the orchestra’s international   and maximize its close connection to its home communit


Prestige of property and demonstration of your support of the cultural enrichment of our community

Brand Recognition & Social Awareness

Starting 4000 ILS


For any further information please contact Anna Mirsky

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